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Third Party Quality Audits, Human Calibration and Quality Consulting


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Established in 2006, Crystalline Solutions offers a unique selection of services specifically targeted at helping your business succeed through improving quality and compliance.  We offer professional and affordable solutions to improve your manufacturing efficiencies, reduce customer complaints and operating costs. Facility quality audits and certification, quality inspector training and team building using our Human Calibration system, as well as longer term quality and efficiency guidance are all available within the Crystalline Solutions service offering. We have consulted for the Canadian government and have unsupervised government facility visitor security clearance status.


Third Party Facility Audit Services

  cGMP and Quality Audits with Full Report

Food Facility Certification, Dietary Supplement/Pharma Facility Certification, Medical Devices, Ingredients     


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Facility Certification Options Available 


  •  Paper Audit (1-2 week turn around - no visit required)
    • Self inspection and generation of Audit Report
    • Corrective Action Documentation to close observations
    • Framed Certification and One Year use of cGMP logo
    • Audit and Administration Cost only 


  • New - Instant Certification (24 hour expidited cGMP certification) 
    • Immediate use of cGMP logo and issuance of compliance certificate
    • Audit Cost plus expedited process fee

Vegetarian and Non GMO Certification Also Available


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Quality Inspector Training Services

An exciting new approach to Quality Inspector training... HUMAN CALIBRATION 

A cutting edge patent pending training method to gain accurate and reliable attribute inspection. 



Imagine ...all of your quality inspectors could

accept or reject 

the same part the same way...


Three convenience options for Human Calibration:

Applicable to all manufacturing facilities that manually inspect...

Read the article on Human Calibration in the ASQ newsletter    



"Calibrating your most valuable asset...People" 


Need Return on Investment Justification? 

Calculate what inconsistent quality inspection is costing you..

 Free Alpha and Beta Inspection Error Calulation Guide - Click here 


Auditor Management Webinars - The Art of War


 Find out what compliance auditors don't what you to know... 


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 Quality Consulting and Compliance Services  


  • Complaint Investigation and Quality System Review      
  • ISO Training and Audit Preparation Services
  • Food Safety
  • Pre FDA Audit Services
  • Post FDA and FD-483 Services
  • Complaint and Recall Investigations
  • Validation Services/Equipment Qualifications
  • USA and Health Canada Regulatory Agent Services
  • USA and Canadian DMF and Facility Registrations
  • TGA Regulatory Agent for Proprietary Ingredient Listing for Marketing in Australia
  • Regulatory Affairs and Quality Scientific Support
  • Food Facility Registration and Prior Notice
  • Tobacco Products Registration
  • Medical Devices and more...

International Payments

In addition to standard payment methods, online payment and worldwide electronic bank Wire Transfers accepted. 



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