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Human Calibration


 Human Calibration for Facilities and Quality Management Teams

Need to reduce customer complaints and operating costs? 

Team building?


 NEW!  The Human Calibration Method Training Software - easy download, secure online payment

Our Human Calibration method recognizes the fact that every individual views things differently. Each person brings their unique bias, subjective opinions and personnal preferences to each decision they make. Unchecked and uncontrolled this human trait is disastrous when approving or rejecting production parts/finished goods during Quality Control inspection!

Are your inspectors Over Rejecting Good Product? (throwing good parts away, an Alpha Inspection Error)

Are your inspectors Under Rejecting Bad Product? (sending bad parts to the customer, a Beta Inspection Error)

Individual inspectors over rejecting or under rejecting during manual visual inspection is a Quality Control management nightmare.   nightm
Over rejection increases manufacturing costs while under rejection increases customer complaints.

We can "calibrate" your inspectors. 


IMAGINE IF...each inspector made the same decision while viewing the same part...

The following data shows the inspection correction the Human Calibration training method made. 


Every production facility using manual visual inspection experiences inspection errors - you are not alone.

90% of manufacturers use some form of visual inspection - 100% experience some form of over and under rejections and repeatability errors.

If you have had the following discussions, Human Calibration is the inspection solution you have been looking for.

"Everything gets released on the Saturday or Night shift..."

"She has really good vision, like 30/20 - she rejects everything..."

"That's just the way he is, easy going, everything looks good to him..."

Our favourites...

"The lines were running fine on Shift A, as soon as Shift B came in
everything started to be rejected...must be the machines"

"Maybe the sample they inspected was the only good product in the entire batch..."

"How come the customer can find the defects... but we can't?"

Had enough of these meetings? Recognizng the problem is the first step - we have the solution.

NEW!  The Human Calibration Method Training Software - easy download, secure online payment


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