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Auditor Management Training Webinar To Guarantee Successful Quality Audits

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Auditor Management Training Webinar 2014

Politically incorrect, open and candid Webinar about profiling and preparing for third party audits.  100% success rate with past participants.  Turn your next third party audit into a career defining moment.



Learn what regulatory and industry system auditors don't want you to know and how you can guarantee a successful third party quality audit every time.

Applicable to all Quality Audit types: GMP for Food, Devices, Rx, all ISO Series, Global TQM Audits and all Quality System Audits.

Tips from former FDA inspectors, former Health Canada inspectors, former MHRA inspectors, ISO and Food Safety Auditors.  A lifetime of knowledge compressed into 2 hours.

Key topics include:

  • The "Art of War" Attitude and preparation Concept
  • Correct Audit Staffing (who needs to be present at which parts of the audit)
  • Understanding Auditor Profiling (how the auditor's personality, area of expertise, culture and education geography effect the audit and how to preparing accordingly)
  • 80/20 rule of document preparation
  • Audit tour map
  • What does compliant really mean?
  • How to answer difficult questions
  • How to guarantee a success regardless of operational issues

Turn every audit into a career defining moment and a sales opportunity.

Space is limited as the webinar is very interactive.  Completion certificate provided to all participants.


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